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*Last updated 04 July 2021

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Project roadmap

We have prepared below a white paper for you to check out, disclosing all facts related to Playbase.GG

Jun 2019

Initial idea and iteration

Based on the dilemmas our clients were bringing to us at Ragebite, one of our founders came up with the idea for Playbase.

Dec 2019

Research and design

After expanding our team, we've started off with the first phase of Playbase.GG. Heavy design work was done during this period to build the whole application.

Jul 2020


In the 3rd quarter of 2020, the development of Playbase.GG went underway. This was the biggest step we had to endure as a team as it was the most crucial one.

Nov 2021

MVP Release

We are working hard to keep to our timeline and release the MVP to the public at the start of the 4th quarter this year.

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