Launch an esports platform instantly!

Playbase.GG offers you an esports platform instantly for just a monthly subscription fee. Run esports leagues or tournaments on a domain of your own choosing and with your branded colors.

Host an esports platform instantly on your own domain

Start hosting your first tournament or league in a few clicks, no need to spend $200k USD or years of development! Build your community now!

Leagues for all competitive levels

Start hosting your very own leagues that’s ready to accept thousands of players. Let them experience a true competitive scene firsthand.

  • Elo based ranking system
    Elo based ranking system
  • Unlimited numbers of participants
    Unlimited numbers of participants
  • Dedicated match finder tool
    Dedicated match finder tool
  • Team creation and registration system
    Team creation and registration system
  • Manual score reporting and dispute system
    Manual score reporting and dispute system

Run various types of esports tournaments

Create a round robin, single or double elimination bracket tournament for all of our supported games. Engage your players to combat in a real esports environment.

  • Choose from 4 different seeding formats
    Choose from 4 different seeding formats
  • Tournament size for up to 256 participants
    Tournament size for up to 256 participants
  • Stream integration on tournament page
    Stream integration on tournament page
  • Team creation and registration system
    Team creation and registration system
  • Bronze match option available
    Bronze match option available

Organize esports tournaments or leagues in 24 different games

You can choose to host your tournaments or leagues in 24 games from our available selection. We keep our available selection constantly updated with your requests.

Don’t see the feature you’re looking for?

We are working hard to further develop Playbase.GG with new features and to enhance our recently published MVP. Leave us your email so we can stay in touch!

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Grow your esports platform in the direction you want

Playbase.GG comes with a lot of cool benefits that allow you to manipulate your esports platform and we’re here to help support you on your journey.

Dedicated support

If you have any questions about the product or need help setting something up, feel free to drop a message

  • Response rate less than 24h
  • Learn how to use the platform

Your own domain

One of the many perks that proves Playbase.GG is letting you to be fully indepedent

  • Build a strong presence
  • Benefit from the freedom

Instant delivery

We deliver your esports platform instantly upon purchase and once you do the initial quick setup, you’re done!

  • Quick and painless setup
  • Organize competitions right away

Make it your own

Utilize the options to customize the platform and adapt to your desired brand image

  • Adapt it to your needs
  • Grow your own brand

Core Features

Below are the features that will make your esports platform feel premium!

Grow a community

Nurture a following of players for your competitions on your esports platform with their own registered accounts.

Organize leagues

Plan out leagues where players compete on a standings table with a dedicated ELO ranking system.

Organize tournaments

Run single or double elimination bracket tournaments for all of our supported games.

24+ games available

Fire up competitions in over 24 games available! The choice is yours to make and a one-click to install.

Dispute system

If reported results on a match are conflicting, the dispute system helps resolve it with an admin intervention.

Team management

To join a tournament or league players are required to form teams. Team captains can adjust the roster.

Player accounts

Players can customize their accounts with personal info and they can also keep track of progress in competitions.

Set competition entry fees

Monetize your esports platform by charging an entry fee to your community through your competitions.

Brand your competitions

Give your sponsors or partners premium-level exposure to any competition you host.

Social logins

Your players can use various social media accounts to connect to your esports platform instantly!

Insight into analytics

Successfully track incoming visits, learn more about who your players are, and grow from the information!

Multi-language support

If you’re building a local community, you can translate your esports platform to any language you require.

Sell products in your shop

Take a deep dive into the e-commerce sphere. Sell physical or digital goods to your community!

Set up your own ads

Support your platform or advertise your close partners through the available ad space.

Platform coin and wallet

Players exchange money for your coins in their wallet via PayPal that are used to join competitions or buy products!

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Disclaimer: The content of the product may vary depending on the present date, pricing and the product’s phase.

What you will get with a Playbase.GG subscription

By subscribing to Playbase.GG you will receive an esports platform on your own domain instantly. Organize leagues or tournaments in 24 supported games. Tools to grow your community and grow a brand. Try Playbase.GG for free and experience our product firsthand!

Get started with four simple steps

Complete the easy purchase process in order to get your esports platform going and start organizing your first league or tournament.

Select the package

  • Select the subscription duration
  • Choose additional features

Complete the payment process

  • Enter your personal details
  • Enter your payment information

Provide initial setup information

  • Install the games you want from our library
  • Enter initial info about your esports platform

Start creating your competition

  • The setup on our end takes only a couple of moments
  • Start your journey and GL;HF!

The visual identity of the end-product

Every single pixel on the platform’s UI has been dedicated to maximize the player experience.

Pick your colors

Upload your own logo

Pick a bright or dark UI

Frequently asked questions

1. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept PayPal only for now, you may pay with PayPal balance or PayPal-supported credit cards. We’re currently talking to other payment providers hopefully to integrate more payment options soon.

2. How long do I have to wait to get my esports platform?

The process of acquiring an esports platform is instant. Once you complete the 4 necessary steps that we require, it will take us only a couple of moments to deliver the final product to you. An email notification will be sent.

3. Can I connect my own domain to my esports platform?

Yes! If you have a domain name bought, just hit us up on Intercom and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll provide a free subdomain to you if not, no worries at all.

4. What happens if I reach the limit of my subscription for players, games, or competitions?

No worries, we can help immediately! If this happens just reach out to us on Intercom and one of our operators can assist with upgrading your account.

Have more questions?

You can always send us an email to discuss more.

Email [email protected]

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